Tips to pick the best slot machines to play online

Online casinos are currently enjoying great popularity, and slots, in particular, have attracted players from all over the world. There are so many of them now (thousands!) that it is quite difficult to pick the best slot machines to play online — some think that jackpot casino games are the number one, while others prefer 777 slots, the simplest classic games of chance.

How to determine the best slot machines to play online

The simplest answer here is the following one: it’s all about making a profit from a certain combination of symbols on the paylines. For the past two decades, game developers didn`t get tired of constantly coming up with new ideas and developing a variety of games, calling their new-invented online casino slots games the “best slot machines to play online”. However, they differ in many ways and not every slot is suitable for each player. The following information will help gamers to find the best slot matching a player`s needs.

How slot machines differ

At first glance, it may seem that slots differ only in their visual and thematic design. Popular topics include Egypt, the Middle Ages, Western or even space. Well-known movies and series are also often the basis for the best slot machines to play. Often, some details are changed so that no license fees are paid to the developers. However, the visual make-up is only a tiny fraction of what players should pay attention to when choosing a slot that suits them.

Paylines and reels

A little more importance should be attached to the structure of the slot. Slot machines are divided into reels and paylines. Reels have the symbols that decide on profit and loss, depending on where these reels stop after turning. There is not only one reel, but several of them that line up next to each other. Besides, different profit lines, on which the symbols of the reels fall to make a profit combination, are also important. However, this point is not the most important thing. RTP means much.

The return to the player coefficient

It should be more important to players, whether the slot offers the desired odds. A special role is played by the RTP. This stands for the “return to player”, i.e. the amount that a player will statistically gain from his bet when playing a very high number of rounds. The players can succeed in achieving a result that opposes the mathematical probability. For example, a 95 percent RTP would mean that a player retains 95 percent of his bet after a number of x rounds. The higher the value of x, the more likely it is that the actual result will approach the theoretical RTP. The RTP results from a variety of winning and losing rounds. The best slot machines to play online have 97-99% RTP, but it is not easy to find these online casino slots.


It is considered along with the RTP. It describes the relationship between winning and losing rounds and how high the wins are. High volatility means that the player will experience longer periods of drought, which will be compensated with rare but high profits. Low volatility, on the other hand, means more frequent but smaller gains. A high RTP is often associated with high volatility, while lower RTPs usually mean low volatility. However, the exceptions confirm the rule here.

The best paying slots 2019

If a gamer is going to pick the best-paying slots, he should avoid progressive jackpots, where RTP can be fewer than 80%. If the best prize ever is not a goal, but awards mean much, it is worth searching among NetEnt games — they always have the highest RTP. The other slots, which were called the best-paid ones in 2019, include:

  • Demolition Squad;
  • Gun’s Roses;
  • Sinbad’s Golden Voyage;
  • Bridesmaids;
  • Hot as Hades;
  • Steam Tower;
  • Barber Shop Uncut;
  • Hot Ink;
  • High Society.

Which games can be called the best slot machines to play free online, is a personal decision. Players should always pay attention to RTP and volatility when choosing a slot to find their best slot, but at the same time, fun is always taken into account. If a slot with high RTP is not interesting for a gamer, he would hardly choose it, as gambling is fun, first of all.

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